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(They/them, She/her)

AnalogAvA, aka Ava Zatanaz, is a Logic Pro certified musician and composer in the Seattle area music scene.  AnalogAvA was a nickname given to the producer by someone at Petosa's Accordions.

Having grown up between the Southeast and the Puget Sound area, Ava now calls the Pacific Northwest their "home."  Ava worked with Bruce Joyner in the band Out Of The Fire, and had an avant guard jazz trio at Fat City on Sundays in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Ava spent almost a decade between the Charlotte region and Seattle at the American icon formerly named Muzak (Now Mood Media)  Ava has served on boards for Seattle Women In Jazz and Songwriters In Seattle.  

In 2020, during rediagnosis for neurological disorders, Ava discovered that QEEG brainwave data could be converted to digital audio, and enjoys sharing their ongoing research.  This digitized brainwave activity often translates into whimsical "space sounds", and the AnalogAvA project infuses the resulting audio into jazz arrangements and custom binaural beats.  

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