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Science shows that EEG and Biofeedback helps musicians achieve peak performance!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Being able to get an EEG and Biofeedback helps musicians, and we are going to see and hear how with my own brain later this year!

If this has you curious for more info as a musician yourself, here is some good reading in the mean time. It is a link to a NIH article about a group of violinists who had biofeedback done on them in 2008. The before and after shows that biofeedback improves performance.

As a lifelong organist, I experience symptoms of Tourettes and OCD along with an ADHD diagnosis which have kept me from live performance for years. I have begun getting TMS, Neurofeedback, and EMDR over the period of a year to see if these can help alleviate symptoms. I am freely sharing the process of these treatments and their results on this blog.

I began with TMS therapy five times a week for seven weeks this summer. I had a QEEG test in the winter prior to this. That is when I discovered my nervous system swings in jazz beat, and began to question if others do too! Later this year looks to be when I might have another QEEG done. This might be after a second round of TMS treatments after a trial of three drugs for ADHD. Hopefully I get to enjoy live performance opportunities again after treatments! I miss being a bandleader!

If you have had a QEEG or EEG and are interested in having your own test turned into audio, let me know. I am looking to hear how the results of other people sound and use them in compositions.

***Coming in September***

I will post the files I used in the Jimmy Smith tribute so that your ears can begin to learn what you are hearing. Sounds harvested from my nervous system are built into its soundscape.

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