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Biofeedback is a form of medicine that often uses electricity to heal parts of our bodies.  AnalogAvA discovered during biofeedback therapy for depression that EEG brainwave data could be converted into digital audio.  They are beginning to share the findings, via novel and inventive takes on vintage jazz arrangements, featuring analog organs and accordions.  

AnalogAvA will be receiving three kinds of biofeedback over the course of a year: TMS, neurofeedback, and EMDR.  These therapies help people to heal from trauma and mental illness.  They help reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceutical approaches to managing mental health.  

If you have been resistant to at least four antidepressants, ask your insurance company for biofeedback under these acronyms: TMS and EMDR.  

Neurofeedback isn't covered but ask for it anyway.  Together we can normalize biofeedback as an accessible and affordable therapy option for anyone who needs the forms of relief it can provide.

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